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The writing process is one of my favourite elements of my job. Years of working out difficult stories in the edit, cracking scenes and arcs until a film is as good as it can be have made me into somewhat of a story witch. So nowadays as well as edit films and TV series, I also story consult on feature documentaries. After weeks, months or even years working on a story, it’s always useful to have a fresh pair of eyes come in and lend a helping hand. I work closely with directors and producers to help them get their films into shape.


I’ve story consulted on feature documentaries at shooting script stage, edit script stage, rough cut and fine cut. These include THE PICK UP GAME which premiered at Hot Docs 2019 and DOCNYC and won best director at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, MARCH FOR DIGNITY which screened at over 30 festivals and had a cinema run across Europe and INDIA’S 1ST, BEST, TRANS MODELLING AGENCY which premiered at BFI Flare 2024.

If you’re struggling with your film do get in touch – a fresh pair of eyes ALWAYS helps!

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